KANBAN Procedure in Detail

1. Preparatory phase

  • Elaboration of a KANBAN concept
  • Provision of technical equipment
  • Determination of shelf and bin labelling
  • Material flow analysis for optimum system layout
  • Determination of the product range and corresponding rates of consumption
  • Number and specification of supply areas

2. Implementation phase

  • Filling of shelves with bins and material
  • Labeling of shelves and bins
  • Staff instruction in KANBAN handling
  • Installation of barcode scanner including instructions
  • Provision on storage space

3. System maintenance

  • Consumption-oriented replenishment of the KANBAN system
  • Flexible item optimization within the range of products
  • Expansion of shelf modules in case of new items
  • Ensuring process control for continuous optimisation, including the determination of further feasible savings
  • Information on extending the range of products
  • Information on production changes affecting the product range and the quantities in stock

Your advantages at a glance

  • Process cost reduction
  • Reduced capital tie-up due to storage capacity reduction
  • Reduction of the number of suppliers
  • System support including product range maintenance by WATERMANN
  • Maximum reliability of supply


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