The ideal connection in next to no time

Whether you need fasteners for a bridge, a high voltage pylon or a component for the automobile industry: The number of available fasteners and fixings is countless. Those looking for a manufacturer of special fasteners and fixings by themselves will need knowhow, experience and plenty of time.

WATERMANN offers a range of more than 48,000 different technical fasteners and fixings, more than 70 years of experience in the service sector and the commitment that as a rule every common screw will be available at the site where you need it within 24 hours.

Pallet storage spaces:4.000
Box spaces:40.000
(for regional delivery)
Tonnage:> 3.000 t

Main market areas:

mechanical engineering, structural steelwork, chemical industry, steel production


Watermann GmbH+Co.KG
Verbindungs- und Befestigungstechnik

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